Every woman’s birth experience is a unique and personal journey. No two births are exactly alike and no woman’s journey through the birth process is like another’s. This is why sharing our stories about our own childbirth experiences are so important. All experiences are valid. All experiences are part of the whole of women and the beautiful and spiritual, life-affirming process of creating children.

The WOMBSisterhood is the Born In Orgasmic Birth online community for like-minded women; a place to share our stories of our own childbirth experiences so that we may be guides for others who may be thinking about having their own children through the Orgasmic Mindful Birth process. This forum is a place for the first-timer –as well as for the second, third, or fourth-time who wishes to try a new way of birthing–to learn more about the Orgasmic Mindful Birthing Method.

Let’s share our knowledge, our stories. Let’s compare notes on our birthing experiences, our hopes, our dreams, our fears, our theories on a better way to create a new breed of bright, curious, open and visionary children. In short, let’s talk.

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Twitter: @OrgasmicBirth4U