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Abd’El Hakim Awyan is a recognized Elder and Indigenous Egyptian Wisdom Keeper of the Eye Tribe and Keeper of the Keys. This tradition of passing down stories from mother to child extends backs tens of thousands of years.  As Hakim taught us, “Egypt is not part of the Middle East. Egypt is part of Africa,” and he was proud of the living African oral tradition, which he so lovingly shared.

Hakim earned a degree from Cairo University in archaeology and Egyptology. He then graduated and worked at Leiden University in the Netherlands.

Hakim had the capacity to use both sides of the brain. During my tour with Stephen S. Mehler and Hakim and in 2007, he was able to present actual physical proof using philological, geological and archaeological artifacts to gratify a left-brain scientific mind, yet he also gifted us with a holistic, right-brain experience that transported me back in history. He allowed us to touch upon the great mysteries of his beloved ‘Khemit’ (ancient word for Egypt) and he revealed a completely unique perspective that is often contradictory to Egyptologists’ modern teachings and understanding. He was a master at deciphering hieroglyphics, and he discussed the three levels of understanding in how to translate them. The ancient glyphs could be understood 1) for the masses 2) for the educated temple scribes 3) for the highly initiated as a pathway to the cosmos.

Wisdom Keeper Shadow of the SunThis wisdom keeper strictly opposed the idea of a linear evolution. Instead he believed in the cycles of nature and that understanding this concept was essential to becoming aware of ancient Khemit’s culture and the history of writing.  I have used his terms and insights in my book to show a completely different understanding of Khemit.

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