The Hottest Stars Are Seen in Ancient Egyptian Temples

Sirius the brightest star of the ancient civilization of Egypt

Sirius the brightest star of the ancient civilization of Egypt

All of the brightest stars turned out for the hottest meeting place in the ancient civilization of Egypt—the temples.   The Kher-heb or temple High Priest observed the skies and charted the course of the stars and their risings. It was imperative for the Chief Priest to learn the star-names and homes of the gods and the characteristics of each of these neters.

 I have grasped the stake. I take the measuring cord in the company of     Seshat. I direct my eye upon the Bull’s Thigh (Ursae Majoris). Upon this line the new temple house shalt be built, as has been done there before.
These sacred edifices were then constructed and aligned to the risings or settings of the heavenly orbs.  The laying of the Senti, or foundation-stone of a holy temple was done with several ceremonies in order to sanctify and purify the structure.  The ceremony was known as Put-ser or ‘the stretching of the cord” as depicted upon the walls of Denderah, Karnak and Edfu, and was used to set the temple axis.  The Goddess Seshat was designated as the ‘Mistress of the laying of the Foundation Stone.’ She would accompany the Pharaoh to the site where the new temple was to be situated.  Seshat and the Pharaoh each held a stake connected by a cord. Only when this cord was in perfect alignment to a select star or the earth sun could the stakes be pounded into the ground. A boundary wall would then be constructed along the line of the stretched cord.

The Temples aligned to the Sun also known as Solar Temples are Abydos, Edfu, Heliopolis and Thebes. The Temples assigned to a Star were Karnak—aligned to Draconis and Seti’s Temple L—aligned to Canopus.   Denderah was aligned to Sirius and at another point in history to Dubhe in Ursae Majoris.  The Mut Temple at Thebes was aligned to Draconis.

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