The Christ and Crocodile Fat

It is a bright and beautiful Easter morning here in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Of course that made me ponder the correlations of this holiday to the ancient civilization of Egypt. The Hebrew word Messiah is derived from the Egyptian word –MeSSeh, meaning the Anointed One. MeSSeh was the Egyptian word for crocodile. The ancients used to anoint with crocodile fat. The image of two crocodiles formed the title of the Egyptian king, which was given to him at the time of his coronation. The letter ‘s’ in Egyptian is equivalent to ‘sh’ in Hebrew and Aramaic. It is therefore evident the biblical word ‘Messiah’ originated from mesheeh, the ancient Egyptian word signifying the ritual anointing of the king.

The Jewish community included pouring oil upon the head of the high priest after he had put on his entire dress, with the mitre and crown. Anointing of the Egyptian priests and kings also commenced after they were attired in their full robes, with the cap and crown upon their head.

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