Stealing the Shadow of Death

Stealing-the-shadow-of-deathWhen Pharaoh Akhenaten’s oldest daughter, Merit-Aten, discovers that Black Sorcerers have murdered her grandmother Ti-Yee and plan to mummify her in direct violation of spiritual and civil law, Merit-Aten must face her deepest and deadliest fears and pass perilous initiations if she hopes to save her grandmother’s soul.

If you loved reading Shadow of the Sun, don’t miss this second book in the Shadow Saga Series, Stealing the Shadow of Death.

Available Summer of 2014



When Death comes calling…..How would you answer?

In the second book of The Shadow Saga, Pharaoh Akhenten’s noble and radical experiment has flourished in his new city of Akhet-Aten for three years. However, not all is as blissful as it seems. The banished priests of the dark god Amun have patiently bided their time, eager to take back their lost power.

The new battle between light and dark begins with the murder of the Queen Mother at the hands of the Amun Black Sorcerers. If the demands of the murderers are not met, they vow–in direct violation of civil and spiritual law–to mummify the Queen.

Merit-Aten, the grief-stricken daughter of the Pharaoh, is determined to bring her grandmother’s body from Thebes and lay her to rest under the loving rays of the Aten. But first she must face her own fears and undergo a series of grueling initiations that could put her life in danger.

She vows to do whatever it takes to bring her grandmother home, even if it means facing horrors far worse than she could imagine when she witnesses a distorted ritual, and unearths a terrible secret that makes her fear not only for her grandmother’s body but also for her grandmother’s soul.

Her mission takes on a new urgency. Merit-Aten must prevent her grandmother from joining the ranks of the Shadow People who now haunt her. But is she strong enough to undertake the dangerous journey into the den of the Amunites? In the end, it is up to Merit-Aten alone; if she fails, her grandmother’s soul will be condemned to walk with the Shadow People for all eternity.

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  1. Cecelia Gervais says:

    I have read both of your books in The Shadow of the Sun Saga. They are great! Is there a third book in the works? I am looking forward to reading more about these wonderful historic people you have woven a very good story that leaves me wanting more.

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