Out of Body Experience….or Too Afraid to Be Here?

Out of Body Experience or Too Afraid to Be Here?We all have been burned at the stake, martyred, buried alive and so one because we were mid-wives, healers, psychics or heretics.  In Europe during the Inquistion there were 9 million woman put to death.  The only reason it stopped was because the Church was wiping out all women of child bearing years. Being illumined meant certain death through the ages.  Our  soul memories of the various cycles that have come to a conclusion with a catastrophic event…earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, and meteorites bombarding the planet still permeate every cell of our being.  These traumas have been so embedded in our memories and our bodies that we have become accustomed to withdrawing from life because we associate it with pain and loss.

In my healing practice I have encountered so many people whose souls are not anchored in their bodies. Some explain that they are having expanded experiences and the confines of the temporal body. The key is to integrate those expansions into your body. Otherwise, we are bombarded with light…and the more light you attract, the greater the darkness you must clear from within. That is what the ancients describe as facing the dark night of the soul or your ‘shadow’ side.

Others have come to realize that the pain of their past traumas made them realize that this world is just too hard for their wounded beings. Finding a healer to release this disharmony from their astral body would be helpful.

To my dear brothers and sisters who believe that ascension will ‘save’ them from the pain of this earth, you are missing the point. In order to ascend, one must fully incarnate and embrace this beloved earth and the body which is a microcosm of the macrocosm. We are divine beings. We don’t get to go anywhere else until we fully come to the understanding of our divinity.  As the Master Jesus said when asked, ‘where is heaven.’  His response was ‘heaven is right here, you just can’t see it.

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  1. Melody Jones says:

    Well let’s just say I am glad I have no conscious memories of my past life stake burnings! I think it can be tough to be anchored in the body sometimes. In America there is such a focus on the female body and some, like me, are judged harshly for being too abundant. Perhaps some of us just don’t want to anchor too much.

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