Orgasmic Childbirth


Born In Orgasmic Bliss promotes the natural birth experience, providing you insight and guidance on how to enjoy a safe, satisfying, optimal birth. Merrie P. Wycoff Ph.D illustrates, with examples from her own birthing experiences, that during labor, given the right frame of mind and the right calm and soothing setting, every woman can overcome fear and pain and turn her contractions into expansions–expanding their experiences, their pleasure, their joy and most importantly, their connection with their child. Orgasmic labor is not a sexual experience, but a deeply spiritual and pleasurable one that creates an unforgettable intimacy between you and your partner. Giving birth is part of a woman’s natural, whole-life experience. We are meant to be alert, alive, present when our children are born.

Born In Orgasmic Bliss is at once a personal diary of Merrie’s two births, as well as a roadmap for other mothers to follow in order to create deeper connections between themselves and their unborn children. It is a voice for transforming Western medicine’s clinical approach to the birthing experience into one of intimacy and safety. Above all else, the book passionately advocates for you to reclaim the right to your body, your child, your birth experience.

Merrie’s message is a wake-up call to all women who are pregnant, or thinking about getting pregnant, that there is another way to give birth. Orgasmic Bliss is an innovative approach, with emphasis on a woman’s natural ability and strength to deliver a baby safely and comfortably, under normal circumstances, without the use of drugs or medical intervention. Whether you decide to deliver at home, a hospital or a birthing center, Born In Orgasmic Bliss will guide you to find your inner power and help you to experience a memorable, transformative, orgasmic bliss-filled birth.

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