NOVA Replays “Riddles Of The Sphinx” Tonight

NOVA logo An encore presentation of NOVA’s documentary, Riddles Of The Sphinx airs tonight, Wednesday 19, on PBS at 9:00pm  Mountain Time, and it features AERA Director Dr. Mark Lehner. Ever wonder how the Great Sphinx was built or what the half-human, half-lion monument represents? Did you know that it stands as tall as the White House and stretches nearly as long as a football field?

NOVA attempts to unsolve the mystery of the monument in this documentary. Filmed by Providence Pictures producer Gary Glassman, Riddles Of The Sphinx finds Dr. Lehner joining NOVA’s team of archaeologists to help unveil the people who built this massive statue and the incredible labor that went into its construction.

For more information on this documentary, visit NOVA’s web site.

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