Who is Merit-Aten?

Merit-Aten Ancient Egypt During 18th DynastyI, Merit-Aten, am the eldest daughter of Queen Nefertiti and Pharaoh Akhenaten who ruled ancient Egypt during the 18th Dynasty.

When I came into this world I made an agreement with the Celestial Lords to remember three words:

Ego. Salvation. Revelation.

All of my life’s lessons are based around these words.

I admit that my curiosity, mixed with my gift of knowledge got me into a great deal of trouble. When I was young, my dwarf nurse-maid, Hep-Mut, momentarily left me alone in the palace garden to retrieve my kohl eye-liner. A Hoopoe bird talked to me and convinced me to explore further as it flew from branch to branch, beckoning me, urging me on. I chased that naughty bird and came upon a niche in the wall that held a golden statue of a god named Amun. The sun reflected off that gilded god and I had to cover my eyes for fear of being blinded. In front of the altar was a beautiful tray with all my favorite food and a glass of beer. I ate the delicacies and drank that beer, for I had imagined that someone had the foresight to leave me a picnic. You can imagine my great aunt, Sit-Amun’s wrath to discover that her offering to the god had been consumed. Worst of all, she was enraged that I stole something she treasured. Drinking that adult beer made me light-headed and that is how the fire was started. When I wandered into her red tent and witnessed a terrible sight, I accidentally knocked over a candlestick.

Have you ever made a mistake?

Author note:  Merit-Aten begins her life in Book 1 of the The Shadow Saga series – Shadow of the Sun, and her story continues in Book 2 – Stealing the Shadow of Death.

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