Questions for Merrie

1)      Where did you get your first introduction to Egypt?

2)      You worked for Entertainment Tonight as a lead Segment Producer at Paramount  Studios. How did that experience prepare you to write a novel about Egypt?

3)     Your passion is Egypt and you have traveled there twice. On your first trip you had the opportunity to see something that no tourist in Egypt had been allowed to do for 20 years.

4)      On your second trip to Egypt, how did you meet the indigenous wisdom keeper?  How did he influence your new paranormal historical book Shadow of the Sun?

5)    Egypt is still in the news with Arab Spring. How does your book tie into this event?

6)     In your book Shadow of the Sun, a young Nefertiti gives birth to a daughter.  Why was her experience so unusual? Isn’t an orgasmic birth an oxymoron?  Why was it important to have a first-born daughter?  Childbirth was deadly in ancient Egypt, why?

7)     Tell us about Pharaoh Akhenaten who was Nefertiti’s husband. History has painted him as a heretic.

8)    What was the wisdom keeper’s point-of-view on the ancient Egyptian’s belief on death?

9)    Your main character goes through the Egyptian Mystery Schools. The ancient Egyptians had a lot of rituals. Can you tell us why?

10)     USE AS LAST QUESTION: You are earning your Egyptology certificate through the University of  Manchester.  How open are Egyptologists to your alternative view point?

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  1. You says:

    Your ‘contact’ page would not ‘send’ when I left a message.

    Merrie, so nice to connect with you today. I do look forward to reading your book soon.

    Are you familiar with the 21st century version of ‘sun gazing’?


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