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 Merrie P. Wycoff

Merrie’s passion for Egypt was unearthed at the age of ten while on a school field trip to the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose, California. Upon first discovering a colossal statue of Pharaoh Akhenaten, she vowed to write his story. Egypt was a long way from California, but the intrigue of mystery and ancient civilizations has stayed with her from her growing up years through today.

Studying both public relations and language, Merrie graduated with a degree in Public Relations and Italian followed with art courses and culture in Florence, Italy—she knew she was destined to dive deeper into history but fate handed her a side trip. Her next stop was at The Nevada State Journal/Reno Evening Gazette writing feature stories for the Entertainment Section for a short time before Los Angeles and the beach called to her, landing her dream job at Entertainment Tonight where she spent many years as a lead story Segment Producer writing, directing and editing. Merrie met and worked with the Hollywood greats including: Bette Davis, Lucille Ball, Milton Berle and Jimmy Stewart.

Post Hollywood, Egypt wasn’t far away in Merrie’s thoughts. She traveled extensively throughout Egypt, studying with an ancient wisdom keeper and uncovering an entirely unique perspective of the Egyptian culture. She is finishing her Egyptology certificate with the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Her travels, studies and conversations revealed a breadth of details, mystery and intriguing stories that are woven throughout Shadows of the Sun, her first book on ancient Egyptian society and customs and the men and women who created it.  She also earned her Masters degree and her Ph.D. in Comparative Religion.

Currently, Merrie resides in Colorado and is a vibrational healer working with local and long distance healing clientele. She is a member of the Egyptian Study Society, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, and the Crested Butte Writers.

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