Where Does Every Egyptian Child’s First Lessons Begin?

Merit-Aten says…..

Where Does Every Egyptian Child’s First Lessons BeginAs the first akh, or child Queen Nefertiti, of course she was hopeful that I would be a girl. In ancient Egypt, all mothers hope for a female heir to pass on property because the society was matrilineal. Akh also means that I was the shadow of my mother, because I would follow her around and learn my early lessons at her knee. The first born child was also expected to take care of her elder parents so she would be expected to work.

Being a princess having to work was not a concern of mine. I remember my birth in the Per-Akh, House of Childbirth at Denderah on the Nile. It was the day that the lion roared his hot breath across the land. Little orange lights flickered from amber beeswax candles. The royal chantresses were called to do the sacred utterances that would help my soul ease me into this temporal world.

My mother, Nefertiti learned how to turn her labor contractions into orgasmic bliss, which eliminated my fear, and made me so happy that she wasn’t afraid to try to turn her pain into pleasure. I did not want to hurt my mother. The moment she decided to open to the expansions rather than close and fight the contractions, was when I was able to soar with heavenly delight. From the moment I came into this world I could see colored auras around people, and talk to animals.

I remember my birth, do you?

Author note: Merit-Aten begins her life in Book 1 of the The Shadow Saga series – Shadow of the Sun, and her story continues in Book 2 – Stealing the Shadow of Death.

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