A Woman Taught the World to Write

Who really invented Writing in Ancient Egypt?

Who really invented Writing in Ancient Egypt?

The creation of writing in 6000 BCE has been lauded as mankind’s greatest invention.  So how did we communicate before writing?  Did it all begin with wild gestures and over-articulated sounds, or could the ancient civilizations have simply devolved in consciousness–and writing became a necessity for us to remember our past?

Egyptian wisdom keeper Hakim Abd’El Hakim Awyan believed that we once lived in the Age of Aten when mankind was at the height of enlightenment.  Our communication was telepathic, so there was no need for a written or spoken language. Imagine the implicit need for society to live in truth. It was a time when nothing could be hidden. No lies. No ulterior motives. Sound was considered to be holy and sacred. Chanting and meditation were the way we all linked ourselves to a higher Source in order to maintain our health and Unity consciousness.

When a massive cataclysm occurred, we fell in consciousness into the dark age of Amun or the Hidden One.  Symbols were needed to keep the ancient traditions alive and to remember our history.  Although writing has been credited to the Sumerian culture, Hakim believed that was once part of Egypt known as Sa-Mer-Ra. The Egyptian Deity most identified with the invention of writing and Hekau or sacred sound is Thoth also known as Djehuti. He is shown as having the head of an ibis on a human body.

Goddess Seshat is the true creator of writing.

Goddess Seshat is the true creator of writing.

However, it is Thoth’s consort Seshat, which means ‘women’ in the ancient Khemitian language, who brought the sacred sound into form through symbols. The ancient Egyptians credit her with the true invention of writing by creating sacred geometry. Whenever a new building was to be constructed in Egypt, Seshat was invoked to watch over the geometrical design and usher it into physical form.  In fact, Seshat wears a seven-petaled crown to symbolize the seven light body emanations that bring etheric light (an idea) into the physical and material earth realm. Once writing was created we fell into polarity consciousness and separated into masculine and feminine forms. That is why a t is added to Egyptian feminine nouns. Sesh meaning people. Seshat meaning female.

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The Hottest Stars Are Seen in Ancient Egyptian Temples

Sirius the brightest star of the ancient civilization of Egypt

Sirius the brightest star of the ancient civilization of Egypt

All of the brightest stars turned out for the hottest meeting place in the ancient civilization of Egypt—the temples.   The Kher-heb or temple High Priest observed the skies and charted the course of the stars and their risings. It was imperative for the Chief Priest to learn the star-names and homes of the gods and the characteristics of each of these neters.

 I have grasped the stake. I take the measuring cord in the company of     Seshat. I direct my eye upon the Bull’s Thigh (Ursae Majoris). Upon this line the new temple house shalt be built, as has been done there before.
These sacred edifices were then constructed and aligned to the risings or settings of the heavenly orbs.  The laying of the Senti, or foundation-stone of a holy temple was done with several ceremonies in order to sanctify and purify the structure.  The ceremony was known as Put-ser or ‘the stretching of the cord” as depicted upon the walls of Denderah, Karnak and Edfu, and was used to set the temple axis.  The Goddess Seshat was designated as the ‘Mistress of the laying of the Foundation Stone.’ She would accompany the Pharaoh to the site where the new temple was to be situated.  Seshat and the Pharaoh each held a stake connected by a cord. Only when this cord was in perfect alignment to a select star or the earth sun could the stakes be pounded into the ground. A boundary wall would then be constructed along the line of the stretched cord.

The Temples aligned to the Sun also known as Solar Temples are Abydos, Edfu, Heliopolis and Thebes. The Temples assigned to a Star were Karnak—aligned to Draconis and Seti’s Temple L—aligned to Canopus.   Denderah was aligned to Sirius and at another point in history to Dubhe in Ursae Majoris.  The Mut Temple at Thebes was aligned to Draconis.

Check out my new video:  Stars of the Egyptian Gods

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Opening Up of the World Heart

~Transit of Venus~
This is a very special time as we will be exploring the significance of the rare Venus Transit of June 5/6 2012, which only happens every 120 years (approx) and in pairs of 8 years apart. The first transit of this pair was on June 8, 2004. The evolution of humanity advanced exponentially during the previous transits of Venus. 2012’s completion of this transit pair will see the return of the Divine Feminine, propelling us to new heights of spiritual evolution.
6-5-2012, 5:30pm EST


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Atlantis….A Fond Memory

The continent of Atlantis sunk today in 8,498 BCE.   One of the great cataclysmic events in the cycle of time. Now as Neptune enters Pisces and major events having to do with water begin to awaken the earth….Do you think the lost continent will rise again?


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Proof that Giants Walked the Earth

Giant Skull found in Greece

Genesis 64: There were giants on earth in those days Numbers 13:33 And there we saw giants, the sons of the Anak which come of the giants and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we ere in thier sight.

Knowing how I adore the paranormal, a friend recently passed along these photos of a digsite in Greece showing a recently uncovered skeleton of a giant. The word “Nephilim” was attributed to giants in biblical times by Enoch. The Nephilim existed during the Cyclopean era about 35,000 years ago, around the time of Lumeria.  This is the time when history will be revealed.

Girant skeleton

Here there be Giants

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What is the Secret of Religion Hidden in King Tut’s Necklace?

King Tut's Pectoral

King Tut’s Pectoral

King Tut’s Pectoral

What is that unusual stone in the center of King Tut’s pectoral?  Turns out scientists have discovered that it is Siwa Glass that comes from the Western Desert covering about 2/3rd of Egypt’s land mass. http://www.inognidove.it/egypt/  On a plateau north of Gilf Kebir there is a field of Siwa glass where a 3,100 foot impact crater exists.  According to The Meteoritical Society, two stones, 23 g and 13 g were discovered on the sand, 20 km south of the Siwa oasis during a field trip in 1994, by Dr. Romano Serra.

What does an old rock have to do with the development of ancient Egyptian religion? Abd’El Hakim, indigenous Egyptian wisdom keeper believed it all started when a meteorite hit the earth as a natural end of a profound age of wisdom. The shock of impact made ley-lines or lines of energy throughout the land. Human consciousness descended from a period of enlightenment and had to start all over again. http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2012/03/RIR-120301.php

The predynastic people would dig holes for mass graves to bury their dead. Unfortunately, jackals would dig up the bodies and eat them. The early medicine men, known as the Hanut(i) or priest(s) understood that consciousness existed outside of the body and there were realms beyond the physical. So the Hanuti discovered these ley-lines and energy spots and placed crystalline stones upon an altar near water.  This created an energetic harmonic where people could commune with nature and worship. Eventually, these sites needed to be tended so the Hanuti built fences around these areas, which evolved into the  first temples.  These priests offered the local farmers a deal.  The Hanuti promised to tend the bodies of the dead and ensure the spirits would enter the unseen realms if the farmers  produced food for them.  The farmers readily agreed because they didn’t like the jackals digging up their burial plots.  The early symbol for a temple was a nose because the priests would bake the wheat into loaves of bread and the smell wafted over to the farmers in the field signaling it was time for worship.   Does anyone recognize the pattern on the map from another famous piece of Egyptian art?

Map of Egypt where Meteorite hit in Siwa Desert

Map of Egypt where Meteorite hit in Siwa Desert

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Out of Body Experience….or Too Afraid to Be Here?

Out of Body Experience or Too Afraid to Be Here?We all have been burned at the stake, martyred, buried alive and so one because we were mid-wives, healers, psychics or heretics.  In Europe during the Inquistion there were 9 million woman put to death.  The only reason it stopped was because the Church was wiping out all women of child bearing years. Being illumined meant certain death through the ages.  Our  soul memories of the various cycles that have come to a conclusion with a catastrophic event…earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, and meteorites bombarding the planet still permeate every cell of our being.  These traumas have been so embedded in our memories and our bodies that we have become accustomed to withdrawing from life because we associate it with pain and loss.

In my healing practice I have encountered so many people whose souls are not anchored in their bodies. Some explain that they are having expanded experiences and the confines of the temporal body. The key is to integrate those expansions into your body. Otherwise, we are bombarded with light…and the more light you attract, the greater the darkness you must clear from within. That is what the ancients describe as facing the dark night of the soul or your ‘shadow’ side.

Others have come to realize that the pain of their past traumas made them realize that this world is just too hard for their wounded beings. Finding a healer to release this disharmony from their astral body would be helpful.

To my dear brothers and sisters who believe that ascension will ‘save’ them from the pain of this earth, you are missing the point. In order to ascend, one must fully incarnate and embrace this beloved earth and the body which is a microcosm of the macrocosm. We are divine beings. We don’t get to go anywhere else until we fully come to the understanding of our divinity.  As the Master Jesus said when asked, ‘where is heaven.’  His response was ‘heaven is right here, you just can’t see it.

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Today, an Insect and a Fish will Change Human Consciousness Forever

Scarab Beetle- The Age of KheperIn March of 2007, I was fortunate to go on my second trip to Egypt, this time led by an indigenous Egyptian Wisdom Keeper, and one of the last members of the Eye Tribe.  Abd’El Hakim Awyan kept the oral account of Egypt— the living African traditions passed from mother to child that go back thousands of years. Hakim, like many other wisdom keepers from all over the world, came forward to express that we are coming to the end of one cycle. I wish that he had lived to see the Arab Spring /Arab Awakening that began in Egypt in 2010.

To those who think it will be the end of the world as we know it…they’d be right.  Hakim explained that in the ancient Egyptian religion everything revolves around the cycles of the ages symbolized by the stages of the sun. At the height of consciousness  when we have reached a state of enlightenment this stage of the sun is known as the Wizer or the Aten. The Aten was the symbol of the sun with outstretching arms holding ankhs often featured by Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti in their Amarna art. This Aten cycle occurred during the Atlantean age, prior to that in Lumeria. At the height of consciousness, the Elder must sacrifice himself like the archetype of Osiris, god of the underworld. Then we fall into darkness when the sun disappears from the sky. This is the age of Amun, the Hidden or Dark Age, when greed, dominance, and fear rule the planet. The age when governments need more land and more armies to protect it. Yes, the time when the 1% rule us all. Sound familiar? It should because we are still in the age of ‘Amen.’

Hold on, there is good news. Around 2008, just before he passed away, Hakim expressed that he felt we entered the age of Kheper, or the Dawn of Awakening. Kheper is symbolized by the insect, the Scarab that pushes the primordial ball of dung. Just like the early morning sun that peeks over the horizon, the first light to hit the planet is soft and radiant. It dawns before many people are even awake, much like today.

If you haven’t been able to see the light since the crash of the stock market, you had a home foreclosure  or you  lost your job that is because every end of a cycle deals with cataclysmic events that rock the world and help us to learn our last lessons. Social, political, economic upheaval as well as transitions in nature must occur in order to usher in a ‘new dawning.’ We know we aren’t happy. We see the world splitting. We watch terrorists rooted out and destroyed on the nightly news. Countries fall. Elections swing. Nuclear disasters hit. Climate change. Fear. Chaos. Turmoil.

And it is all perfect. Especially starting today Feb3, 2012, Neptune enters Pisces for the next fourteen years. The world will change because Pisces, the fish swims in the etheric realm. That ethereal light begins to transform and penetrate the Pisceans to change and transform the world at rapid rates. New art, music, and theatre will emerge. Psychic communication will blossom. We will move from using the internet to an innernet. Communication and how we relate to each others will force us to become real because we won’t be able to hide behind a veil of false emotions and anonymity online. Imagine if you had to take responsibility for everything you said and thought? Kindness, compassion, and a new empathy will emerge breaking our cold, hard exteriors that we have had to cocoon ourselves in, in order to survive in this harsh world. The dawn of this new energetic or light will melt us with warmth from the unseen forces. How will you step into this new dawn?

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Welcome to Rosa Mystica

The ancient Egyptian wisdom keepers believe we are leaving the dark age of Amun, an era of greed, superstition and fear. Now, is a time of transition into the age of Kheper, the Dawn of Awakening when revolutionary truths about our past will be revealed. Welcome to Rosa Mystica, a blog for history lovers with an interest in metaphysics (metahistorical) who yearn to understand the world through a new set of eyes.

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