Shadow of the Sun

Shadow of the Sun: Paranormal Ancient Egyptian Historical Fiction

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Author Merrie P Wycoff about her latest book, Shadow of the Sun:

“Imagine you’ve made a contract prior to your birth to save your family and bring peace to your country after your parents introduce a revolutionary form of worship during a dark reign of terror. Even, worse what if a family member will do anything to stop you?

Merit-Aten is the first-born Royal Egyptian Daughter of Queen Nefertiti, whose birth prophesizes the overturn of the shadowy priests and their pantheon of gilded gods. Trouble is everyone has a different idea of how she should do it. How does a daughter gain power? She is torn between producing more heirs, or taking the chaste yet perilous path of a Mystery School initiate. Merit-Aten’s fascination with magic only gets her in trouble. When she intrudes upon a revengeful great aunt’s decadent ritual, she endangers her entire royal family.  She must fulfill her destiny without destroying everyone she loves.”

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Already read Shadow of the Sun and are ready for Book 2 in The Shadow Saga?

Watch the Stealing the Shadow of Death trailer….

2 Responses to Shadow of the Sun

  1. David Pepper says:

    Hi Merrie,
    Thanks again for offering to help us design a “video” for our web site. We are going to meet to plan out some updates and pictures and text for an intro. I’m hoping to get this done by the middle of October. I’ll let you know what we come up with after the meeting. And I will plan to bring your TARF certificate and the “forensics” back issue of the Akhetaten Sun to the next ESS meeting in October. – Thanks again, David.

  2. Conrad Kelly says:

    Just wanted to thank you again for doing a great job at Lara’s & John’s wedding.

    I am just about finished reading your book and I am very much enjoying it. Sue is going to readi it next.

    Cheers, Con & Sue

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